Destination Hope, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a nationally recognized and fully accredited treatment center that has been a leader in addiction treatment and mental health since 2006. The center offers substance abuse and mental health treatment for adult men and women and is known for its dual-diagnosis addiction treatment and comprehensive approach to recovery.

About Destination Hope

Destination Hope has been a pioneer in mental health and addiction treatment, offering a range of services including Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). The center is dedicated to helping individuals reinvent their lives, realize their true potential, and become the best version of themselves. Destination Hope follows the latest research in addiction medicine and provides evidence-based treatment, ensuring the highest quality of care.

Key Features of Destination Hope:

  1. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: The center specializes in treating both addiction and mental health disorders, ensuring a thorough approach to diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Comprehensive Clinical Program: Destination Hope offers a robust clinical program, treating a wide range of mental health disorders alongside addiction.
  3. Evidence-Based Treatment: The center has been offering evidence-based addiction treatment long before it became an industry standard.
  4. Focus on Mental Health: Destination Hope takes mental health disorders as seriously as addiction, ensuring that disorders like depression or anxiety are carefully diagnosed and treated.
  5. High Success Rate: The center ensures that every patient receives an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care to facilitate successful recovery.
  6. Dedicated to Complete Recovery: Destination Hope believes in facilitating complete recovery that can stand the test of time, giving every patient the best possible chance for success.

Destination Hope is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive treatment for mental health and addiction disorders. The center’s approach focuses on treating hearts and minds, helping people transform their lives and achieve lasting recovery. With its dedication to quality care and innovation, Destination Hope continues to set the standard for substance abuse and mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale.



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Destination Hope
6460 NW 5th Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA

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