About Us

Start Recovery Now operates as a beacon for those facing the challenges of addiction and mental health, shedding light on the path to recuperation and holistic wellness.

Launched in 2023, Start Recovery Now functions independently, unaffiliated with specific treatment facilities. Our commitment is to assist individuals and their families in finding the most appropriate and trustworthy centers for addiction and mental health treatment worldwide.


Our purpose extends beyond simply providing information; we strive to enable individuals and their families to make educated choices regarding their care options. We are dedicated to creating a comprehensive directory of treatment providers, offering easy access to services that match unique needs and preferences.

Neutrality & Ethical Principles

In compliance with the NAATP’s Marketing Code of Ethics, we maintain full transparency and impartiality. We do not seek payment for leads or referrals and mark advertisements on our site. Unlike other services, we do not use a centralized contact number, preferring that site visitors directly connect with their chosen treatment providers.

We neither own nor operate any treatment center, focusing instead on presenting unbiased, factual information about various providers and treatment methods. We consciously avoid any bias in information and do not promote any specific level of care or approach. Our approach involves meticulously gathering, verifying, and sharing information from trustworthy sources, consistently refreshing our website with the latest insights and information on addiction and mental health.

Educational & Insightful

Our platform is crafted to be both educational and insightful. We aim to provide knowledge and understanding, instilling confidence in the pursuit of care. The information on our listings is streamlined to emphasize crucial details of treatment providers, simplifying comparison and informed decision-making about your care.

Extensive Information

Our wide-ranging database presents a comprehensive view of treatment options, helping in understanding and comparing different methodologies, settings, and services. Our goal is to enhance your knowledge and awareness of addiction and mental health issues by compiling credible information and presenting it in an accessible manner.

Autonomy & Honesty

Our strength is in our autonomy, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of honesty and transparency. We are committed to presenting unbiased, factual details about various treatment options and methods without external influences or pressures.

Empowerment Through Understanding

At Start Recovery Now, we believe in the transformative effect of understanding. We aim to simplify the process of seeking help, making it as uncomplicated and free from stress as possible. By promoting deeper awareness and comprehension of addiction and mental health issues, we support individuals and their loved ones in their journey toward recovery and well-being, providing guidance and comfort.

At Start Recovery Now, we share a unified goal to positively impact the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health issues. Through providing knowledge, resources, and support, we hope to be a beacon for many on their journey to recovery and renewed health.

Remember, starting your journey towards healing is the first step towards a fresh start, and at Start Recovery Now, we are here to support you, offering clarity, assistance and hope every step of the way.